Vicky Trainer | A bit about me
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A bit about me

And what I get up to

I am an experienced freelance designer based in Brighton. I worked for many years in London agencies, most recently as a Design Director for GreenTarget. I am now working directly for clients and also as part of a team in companies. My work ranges from employee engagement for multinational banks to branding small charities.







All great design starts with ideas. I love coming up with creative concepts and am constantly on the hunt for inspiration.

No point having a good idea and not being able to make it happen. Years of experience has taught me how to take creative thoughts and use them in an effective and practical solution.

It’s also got to work whether it’s getting it spot-on for print or building an effective website. Working on many projects independently means I have the knowledge and technical abilty to see the majority projects through to the end by myself.